98.3 TRY Social dilemma – Can I ask people on the beach to turn down their music?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma is about what’s appropriate at the beach. Here is the mail :

Hi Jaime. My family is really lucky. We have a place on the shore at Cape Cod. I never take it for granted, but I have a problem with other people on the beach. First of all, I love spending the day at the beach, but sometimes other beach goers really drive me crazy. The other day we were sitting quite a distance from a couple and they were playing their music so loud that I could hear it clearly despite the distance. I wanted to go upstairs and ask them to turn it down but my teenage kids told me not to and it would only make it worse. But I’m sorry, I want to listen to music at the beach, but why do they think everyone wants to hear it? What would you do in this situation? Do you want to say something or smile and bear it? Have you ever faced someone on the beach? What happened? Would it be wrong of me to ask them to refuse, or should we just deal with it? Thank you very much for using this dilemma.

~ Sophie

Hmm, I think everyone who has spent time at the beach has been in this situation. I don’t think it’s very nice or caring or considerate to other people on the beach but I never said anything and I don’t think I would definitely when I was a kid I was probably playing my music too loud at the beach too. So now it’s someone else’s turn. That’s my point of view anyway.

What would you do? Ask them to refuse it or leave it alone? Let’s help Sophia and keep me updated on the TRY Facebook page.