Is it rubbish to throw an apple core out your car window?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) — Today’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma came from Louise. I think it’s interesting because I’ve had this conversation in the past with others. Here is Louise’s email:

Hi Jaime. I have a social dilemma and it’s fast. Do you think throwing an apple core out your car window or throwing it in the woods on a walk is trash? I think it’s biodegradable and therefore no litter. I also think it could feed a hungry deer, rabbit or other animal. However, my friends, who I was in the car with when I did this, almost lost their minds. We had gone to pick apples; I ate an apple and threw the core out the window. They said I threw trash and it’s absolutely wrong to do so. I think I’m actually helping the environment. They say I’m in pain. I would love if you could use this as your dilemma. Thank you so much ~ Louise

Well, here is my review. I don’t think it’s okay to throw anything out your car window, biodegradable or not. He might accidentally hit the car behind you, or drag an animal to the side of the road to grab that apple core and put the animal in danger. Seems to me that if you walked in the woods it would be fine because an animal would eat it quickly and therefore it wouldn’t be left to become smelly waste so to speak. But that’s just my opinion.

What do you think? Is it okay to throw your apple core out the window. No judgment here. Do you agree with Louise or her friends? Let me know on TRY’s Facebook page.