Is it wrong to take something out of your neighbor’s garbage?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s TRY 98.3 social dilemma came from Randy. Here is his email:

Hi Jaime, my name is Randy and I am a 32 year old home owner and wanted to ask you a neighborhood etiquette question. So I’m new to the neighborhood and have only had a few conversations with my neighbors because I’m a single person with no kids and they have families so we remain very friendly and cordial. Anyway, the house next door to me just pulled out a really nice couch for trash night tomorrow and I need a new couch. The one they throw away is 100 times better than the one my sister gave me. So I was thinking of going out in the middle of the night to bring her to my house. My question is, is this a sticky move? What if they come to my house for some reason and see their old couch in my living room? Should I go ask them before taking it? I just want to get it in before it rains. What should I do? Thank you


I don’t think there’s a problem with Randy taking the couch, but I think he should tell his neighbors he’s going to do it first. I can’t imagine they would care since they’re throwing it away anyway. And it would be weird if Randy became good friends with them and then they saw their couch in his house. So I say just ask. That’s my point of view anyway.

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