Should I bring a gift for a vow renewal?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s TRY 98.3 social dilemma involves renewing wedding vows. Here is the mail :

Hi Jaime, my name is Allen and I wanted to get your thoughts on something my wife and I have been arguing about all week. So friends of ours are renewing their wedding vows for their 20th birthday. They do it in their backyard and throw a pretty big party. My wife says we have to bring them a present or a card and I disagree. We gave them a generous gift twenty years ago, why do I have to do it again now? They decided to renew their vows and throw a big party not me! Now I have to bring them another present? I think that’s wrong. I’m happy to go party with them but one gift is too much. It’s not a birthday, is it? My wife insists that we have to get them something or at least give them a gift card. What do you think? Thanks!

~ Allen

I love a vow renewal, and I’m up for the party. I think a gift is a good idea. Not as big as the gift you gave for the original wedding, but a bottle of wine or a gift card to their favorite restaurant sounds nice. That’s my point of view anyway.

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