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PICNICS returned to the game for the Victorians on Saturday, but Ballarat health officials are calling for additional care to pull the mat into a lockdown area. Some Ballarat residents have taken the opportunity to dine outdoors with loved ones with new rules allowing five fully vaccinated adults from two households to meet or have a picnic, even in lockdown. Ballarat Health Services Acting CEO Melanie Robertson said on Saturday it was nice to see, but she also exercised caution being aware of the symptoms of COVID or having visited an exhibition site in the area. region in the midst of the epidemic. “We would definitely ask the people who do this to be absolutely careful,” Ms. Robertson said. “My preference when I see this is that although we have some wonderful parks and facilities in Ballarat, Vic Park is a particularly wonderful facility, I ask if you are visiting Vic Park, it is for testing. Priority other than a picnic for now. “We have to be extra vigilant… we are concerned about further detections in the sewage.” The state government blanket picnic rule comes after Victoria has reached His first dose target of 70% on Friday. BHS encourages people to view picnics as an incentive for vaccination. The Grampians Public Health Unit has recorded 115,000 injections at vaccination centers in the state of region by Saturday.This includes 15,000 in the past two weeks and equates to 30,000 in the past fifteen weeks, given that the jab rate is matched by primary care providers. Who are not vaccinated or have had a jab, there is a slight social bonus with the ability to now meet another person outside to socialize. The amount of outdoor exercise or socializing allowed has also doubled from two hours to four hours and Ballarat residents will be able to walk 10 kilometers from home, exceeding the five kilometer limit. Ballarat remains in hard lockdown with rule changes based on adjustments for those living in metropolitan Melbourne. Play areas remain open for children under 12 accompanied by an adult, who must check in with a QR code and wear a mask at all times – no food or drink on site. Outdoor gymnasiums and skate parks remain closed. If you see this post, you are a loyal digital subscriber to The Courier because we have made this story accessible only to subscribers. Thank you very much for your support and for allowing us to continue telling the Ballarat story. We appreciate your support for journalism in our great city.



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