Would you let your kid go to a sleepover if you didn’t like the parents?

ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Jodi, and it’s about a kid’s sleepover. Here is his email:

Hi Jaime. My 12 year old daughter was recently invited to a slumber party and I’m having a hard time deciding if I should let her go. While I love my daughter’s friend, the girl throwing the party, her parents are a different story. They are never very nice at school events and they usually let their kids do what they want and don’t discipline them. Because of this, I just feel like there will be no supervision at the slumber party. Also, I think they are bad models. I know my daughter will be angry if I don’t let her go. What do you think I should do? Am I thinking about it too much? Thanks for the help.


It’s hard because we all remember how fun sleepovers were, right? And it’s hard when you don’t like the parents of one of your child’s friends. But I think if you trust your own child, you should be fine. I would sit my child down and talk about what is appropriate and what is not and trust that she would do the right thing and call me if things got too crazy. With that, I’m sure I’d let her go. But that’s just me.

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